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Laser Engraving FAQs

What materials can be laser engraved?

Laser engraving can be done on materials such as wood, metal, glass, acrylic, leather, plastic, and even some stones.

What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving is a precise technique that uses a laser beam to etch designs, patterns, or text onto various materials.

What are the advantages of laser engraving?

Laser engraving offers high precision, intricate detailing, and the ability to create custom designs. It provides a permanent mark that is durable and resistant to fading.

What can I use laser engraving for?

Laser engraving can be used for personalization, branding, product labeling, signage, awards, promotional items, and artistic creations.

Can laser engraving be done on curved or irregular surfaces?

Yes, laser engraving is versatile and can be performed on flat as well as curved or irregular surfaces, allowing for creative designs on various objects.

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