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We specialize in high quality powder coatings for a wide variety of parts and materials. We offer our standard pallet colors and finishes that we keep in stock, but can meet almost any color requirement.

We offer multicoat, metallic, and textured powders with options for zinc primer coats and clear coatings.

Our facility is built to accommodate items as large as 10 feet wide by 16 feet long. If you have a part you are unsure about, give us a call.

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating offers one of the most durable finishes available, and a large variety of colors to choose from.


A few of the key benefits of powder coating are:

- Better wear performance

- Stronger adhesion

- Thicker coating for less maintenance

- More flexible than paint


What Can Be Powder Coated?

Powder coating is typically done to metal surfaces as it uses electricity to charge the powder particles to stick to the metal surface.

Technically almost anything that can withstand 400 degrees can be powder coated, but it can be difficult to get a consistent finish on some materials.

Car rims, vehicle frames, furniture, metal stair railing, and many more products can be powder coated for long lasting surface protection.

How To Get Your Parts Coated

We make getting your parts coated as simple as possible. We can arrange pickup, cleaning, coating, and delivery of the finished part. No hassles from start to finish.

Before parts can be powdered and baked, they must be cleaned to bare metal. This includes sandblasting existing rust or paint, and removing any oils with acetone or alcohol.

Even if your parts are heavily rusted or painted, we can get them cleaned an powdered.


Colors All Around

Pick from one of our standard colors, or order something custom with over 175 available colors to choose from. We offer high gloss to matte, and hammered finishes. There are powders that offer black light reflectivity and chrome options that are near mirror finish.

Check out a few of our example projects to get a feel for the variety we offer.

* Custom colors will require shipping time and additional costs.

Pickup & Delivery

We understand the pros and cons of living in rural areas. Like many of you, we enjoy the space and love our small communities, but realize that most things will require some driving.

We offer pickup and drop off services every Tuesday & Thursday covering from Orem to Beaver. To keep things simple, pickups are a flat rate based on mileage. (we can offer group pickup pricing) If you have something large or a large volume of items, please check with us to ensure we can accommodate your pickup.

* Custom colors will require shipping time and additional costs.


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